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System Design Research Division

Establishing academic Inter-clouds and optimizing resources

We are pursuing research aimed at realizing high-performance Inter-cloud systems for the age of “big data.” In addition to studying how to flexibly and easily establish Inter-cloud environments that link to the private cloud systems owned by universities and research institutes across Japan as well as to the public cloud systems of the private sector, we are engaging in research for achieving advanced numerical computation and data analysis through the linking of optimized supercomputers and cloud systems.

This research is conducted in collaboration with researchers nationwide, with Hokkaido University in charge of resource optimization in the Inter-cloud. We are studying many-objective optimization for high-speed search and identification of multiple optimal solution candidates that satisfy various constraints, along with optimal configuration selection based on inferences determined by formal methods. All this research is performed not only in collaboration with researchers of cloud middleware and infrastructure, but also in close cooperation with researchers working on genome sequence analysis, fluid acoustic analysis, and other applications.

In another area of our research we are investigating a variety of applications that utilize OS containers. This research is focused on optimizing resources and costs by emulating public clouds when performing big data analysis with tools such as Hadoop and Spark, as well as on increasing robustness in the middleware layer by intentionally hindering and degrading performance of the system.

Name Post Email Research field
MUNETOMO Masaharu Professor munetomo[a]iic.hokudai.ac.jp Cloud computing, Distributed processing, Evolutionary calculation, Optimization, Information system design
SUGIKI Akiyoshi Associate Professor sugiki[a]iic.hokudai.ac.jp Cloud computing, OS, System software, Parallel distributed computing
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