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Purpose / Organization

As a research center of Hokkaido University, the Hokkaido University Information Initiative Center (IIC) intends to pursue R&D and to develop and operate information infrastructure to facilitate effective use of computing technologies, as well as to promote the advancement of educational research and to implement and support the use of information media in education.

Supercomputing Research Division

Advancement of large-scale scientific and engineering computing, research on the development of application programs, and research on design technology for large-scale information systems

  • Development of virtual research environments and applications utilizing grid computing in inter-university high-speed networks
  • Research on design and construction methods for large-scale computing systems, and research on large-scale search technologies such as automatic software generation and evolutionary computation

Information Network Research Divison

Research on advanced technologies for next-generation information networks, and research on information security and information distribution infrastructure

  • Research on fundamental technology for operation of next-generation information network systems, and fundamental research for achieving ubiquitous computing
  • Practical research on theoretical analysis and data analysis for comprehensive information distribution infrastructure, and research on the confidentiality and completeness of distributed information

Digital Content Research Divison

Research on storage, processing, distribution, and utilization of digital data and content

  • Research on information system infrastructure for storage, processing, and distribution of digital data and content focused on academic clouds
  • Research on storage, processing, distribution, and utilization, etc., of digital data and content in the natural sciences, and humanities, etc.

Media Education Research Division

Research on the advancement of education and information education utilizing information and communication technology (ICT) in a global society, and research on computerization and open standards in education

  • Research on advancing information education, computerization of education, open standards in education, and research on education, learning and educational learning support systems utilizing ICT.
  • Research on cultivating communication abilities based on collaborative learning utilizing ICT.

System Design Research Division

Research on information system design, e.g., cloud computing and system design optimization

  • R&D on academic cloud design and the practical application of inter-clouds
  • Research on system design optimization and optimization algorithms

Cyber Security Research Division

Theoretical and empirical R&D on cyber security-related data analysis and on advancement of cyber security technology countermeasures

  • Acquisition of academic knowledge based on accumulation and analysis of various records of malicious unauthorized access and unsolicited e-mails, and their deployment in real-world cyber space
  • Practical research on secure and stable network services by organically combining network technologies

Cyber Security Center

  • Formation of a control tower function to lead the university’s Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) activities, and promotion of security education and training for faculty and staff
  • Appointment of a head and deputy head of the Information Security Countermeasures Office of the Information Promotion Headquarters, selected from IIC personnel, to work on CSIRT activities for the university

Organization Chart

Organization Chart