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Media Education Research Division

To promote information technologies and openness in education, we are pursuing wide-ranging research that covers the advancement of information education, the promotion of open standards in education, education utilizing information media, and educational support and communication skills development in information networks for reducing inequality.

Advancement of information education

Content development and practical assessment for contributing to education in information ethics and copyright

In our information ethics education, we are examining effective educational methods using video and comics, even for international students. We also engage in research on evaluation and verification methods relating to the levels of attainment of learners in information ethics.
See https://axies.jp/ja/video/zcvrz8 for short digital videos on information ethics that we have developed.

[Fig.1] An example using comics for teaching information ethics

To help in learning about copyright from the perspectives of both creators and users, we developed and evaluated a learning support environment that enables the creation of derivative works from an original work with authorization.

[Fig.2] Creating in a copyright learning environment (illustrations are by manga artist Keiichi Makino)

Educational learning environment and practical evaluation to help in achieving a deeper scientific understanding of information

We are developing beginner-level programming learning environments and conducting practical assessments of them.。

[Fig.3] A beginners’ programming education support environment we developed

We are conducting practical research on introductory learning in information science using programmable robots.

[Fig.4] Example of a programmed drawing executed by a programmable robot

Promoting openness in education

We conduct conceptual and practical research on open courseware and other methods for opening education to greater participation. We have developed and evaluated curriculums that incorporate active learning and flipped classroom approaches for elementary, secondary, and higher education levels.

Support for education in hospital schools and R&D using information media and networks

At hospital schools, in-patient minors suffering from conditions of varying severity are provided with tailored treatment. Such children tend to be isolated both spatially and mentally. To establish an open and advanced educational environment, consistent research is conducted with a focus on informatization and educational support for hospital schools. Such efforts include research on tools that help hospitalized children interact with the outside world.

Name Post Email Research field
FUSE Izumi Professor ifuse[a]iic.hokudai.ac.jp educational technology, Information education
SHIGETA Katsusuke Associate Professor shige[a]iic.hokudai.ac.jp educational technology, Open Education
YAMAMOTO Yuichi Assistant Professor sierra[a]iic.hokudai.ac.jp educational technology, Computer Science
NOGUCHI Takafumi Visiting Researcher noguchi[a]iic.hokudai.ac.jp educational technology
ITO Eri Research Support Assistant eri-ito[a]eis.hokudai.ac.jp
* The “a” in email addresses stands for “@”