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Cyber Security Research Division

The division handles a wide range of research fields related to cyber security. Specifically, research is conducted to contribute to the protection against and prevention of cyber-attacks. Research subjects include advanced data science techniques to find regularity and useful knowledge from an enormous amount of unauthorized access data, as well as the establishment and efficient implementation of techniques to identify suspicious devices and software programs operating in them from the traffic logs of DNS data, which is a basic technology for Internet operations.

The professors use research results in both technological and practical
aspects and contribute to educational activities on cyber security as members of the Cyber Security Center (CSC). They have also been cooperating and working together with other universities concerning cyber security education since FY 2016, as professors in charge of specialized subjects provided as a collaborating university in the security field of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s Education Network for Practical Information Technologies (enPiT).

[fig] Symbolic data analysis for ICMP Echo Reply data

[fig] Botnet communication monitoring system based on DNS traffic log analysis

Name Post Email Research field
MINAMI Hiroyuki Professor min[a]iic.hokudai.ac.jp Computer statistics, Computer network application, Cybersecurity
IIDA Katsuyoshi Associate Professor iida[a]iic.hokudai.ac.jp Information network, Network security, Performance evaluation
* The “a” in email addresses stands for “@”