Research divisions
The Center has six research divisions as presented below, where cutting edge research on information technology, development of relevant technologies to support information infrastructure, education activities using information media and related research activities are conducted.
Supercomputing Research Division


R&D of application programs and research on design technologies for large-scale information systems

●Development of application software using large-scale/ultra-high-speed computer systems

●Research on the design and construction methods of large-scale computational system


Professor Manabu Omiya

Professor Takeshi Iwashita

Assistant professor  Takeshi Fukaya


Information Network Research Division


Research on advanced technologies for next-generation information networks,research on information security and information distribution infrastructure

●R&D of basic technologies for next-generation information network systems and basic research on ubiquitous computing and media application

●Theoretical research on the information distribution infrastructure in general, practical research on data analysis and research on the confidentiality and completeness of distribution information


Professor Masahiro Mizuta

(Advanced Data Science Laboratory)

Professor Yoshiaki Takai

(Laboratory of Advanced Information Network)

Digital Contents Research Division


Accumulation, processing, distribution, utilization and other handling of digital data contents

●Research on information system infrastructure for accumulation, evaluation, processing and distribution of digital data contents centering around an academic cloud

●Research on accumulation, evaluation, processing, distribution, utilization and other handling of digital data contents related to natural science, humanities, etc.


Affiliated Professor Masaharu Munetomo

             (Information systems design laboratory)

Associate professor Tetsu Tanabe

Associate professor Yoshiharu Hirabayashi


Media Education Research Division


Research on sophistication of education using ICT and information education and promotion of informatized/open education in the global society

●Research on sophistication of information education, informatization of education, open education, education/learning using ICT and systems to support education/learning

●Research on fostering communication abilities based on collaborative learning using ICT


Professor Izumi Fuse

Associate professor Katsusuke Shigeta

Assistant professor Yuichi Yamamoto


Systems Design Research Division


Researches on systems design such as cloud computing and systems design optimization

●Researches on academic cloud systems design and development toward realizing the intercloud

●Researches on optimal systems design and optimization algorithms


Professor Masaharu Munetomo

             (Information systems design laboratory)

Associate professor Akiyoshi Sugiki

             (Information systems design laboratory)


Cyber Security Research Division


Theoretical and practical development with advanced technology and related data analysis on Cyber Security

●Acquisition of academic findings and its expansion to the real cyberspace based on the accumulated attacking logs and spams and their analyses

●Practical study on secure and stable network services with advanced network technology and its combination


Professor Hiroyuki Minami

(Advanced Data Science Laboratory)

Associate professor Katsuyoshi IIDA

(Laboratory of Advanced Information Network)