A message from the Director
Information infrastructure is an essential source of power to promote research and  education at a leading university. Advanced information infrastructure one step ahead of the global standard is a key to the development of internationally competitive research and well-rounded education.
 In FY 2010, the Information Initiative Center was acknowledged as a constituent of the Joint Usage/Research Center for Interdisciplinary Large-scale Information Infrastructures (JHPCN), which is a network-type joint usage/research base. As a member of the JHPCN, we are promoting interdisciplinary grand challenge research at our Center taking advantage of the highest-level supercomputers and an ultra-high-speed network. We aim to create new knowledge through “cross coupling” of computational science and computer science. We are also contributing to the progress of Japan’s academic information Infrastructure by participating as a resource-providing organization for the formation of the innovative high performance computing infrastructure (HPCI) centering around the next-generation supercomputer “K.”
 Our Center is also cooperating closely with the ICT Promotion Office, and efficiently promoting Hokkaido University’s information infrastructure development based on an action plan to materialize the midterm goals and plans of the university from the viewpoints of total optimization and sustainability. In addition to the safe and secure campus network and advanced education information system, a large-scale interdisciplinary computer system was introduced in November 2011 to provide a new first-of-its-kind service in Japan using state-of-the-art supercomputers and Japan’s top-class academic cloud computing. Our Center is at the forefront of advanced research and technology demonstration in Japan’s academic cloud computing, and is playing a leading role in promoting trans-Japan partnership/joint research for the practical application of inter-cloud systems in the future. This is one of the largest advantages characteristic of our Center.
 We celebrated the tenth anniversary of the foundation of the Information Initiative Center in April 2013. We will continue our utmost effort to meet society’s expectations by realizing a “smart and green” information infrastructure worthy of a leading university.