Large-scale Information Infrastructures
Aug. 1962 Hokkaido University Computation Center established (facility for joint use by Hokkaido University and other national universities and technical colleges in Hokkaido) (HIPAC 103 of Hitachi, Ltd., NEAC2203 of NEC Corporation, storage capacity: 10 K words)
Apr. 1970 Hokkaido University Large-sized Computer Center established (facility for domestic joint use) (FACOM230-60 of Fujitsu, Ltd. (160 K words))
Nov. 1977 A terminal connection service using switched lines launched
Oct. 1979 A system manufactured by Hitachi, Ltd. introduced (HITAC M-180 (6 MB))
Educational information infrastructure
Apr. 1979 Center for Information Processing Education established (facility for on-campus joint use) (HITAC M-170 of Hitachi, Ltd.)
Large-scale Information Infrastructures
Oct. 1981 Large-sized Computer Center’s N1 network service launched
Aug. 1986 Supercomputer introduced (S-810/10 of Hitachi, Ltd. (128 MB)
Educational information infrastructure
Oct. 1993 Internet service (e-mail, web) launched
Mar. 1996 Large-sized general-purpose computers replaced by WS- and PC-based server-client system
Apr. 1999 The Center for Information Processing Education reorganized into the Education and Learning Management System, Information Initiative Center
Network infrastructure
Mar. 1992 The Hokkaido University Information Network System (HINES) established (FDDI)
Jan. 1995 Super information highway (ATM) operation launched
Mar. 1999 Operation of an ultra-high speed campus network extension system launched
Foundation of the Information Initiative Center
Apr. 2003 The Information Initiative Center established
Nov. 2003 Opening ceremony of the center held 2003 Information Processing Research Conference held
Mar. 2005 Educational information system updated
Jan. 2006 Supercomputers updated
Mar. 2007 General-purpose computer system updated
Mar. 2009 Campus network system updated
Jun. 2009 The Center acknowledged as a network-type constituent of JHPCN
Jul. 2009 Academic exchange agreement concluded with the Graduate School of Education, Korea University College of Education (Republic of Korea)
Mar. 2010 Educational information system updated
Jul. 2010 Research agreement for large-scale demonstration experiment of a next-generation green supercomputer concluded with the National Institute of Informatics and Tokyo Institute of Technology
Oct. 2010 The Center was selected as a constituent (institute to provide computational resources) of a consortium in the preparatory stage for leading the formation of innovative high performance computing infrastructure (HPCI)
Jul. 2011 An academic exchange agreement concluded with Hangsung University College of Arts (Republic of Korea)
Nov. 2011 Large-scale computer system updated (interdisciplinary computer systems (supercomputer, cloud and other systems) introduced)
Sep. 2012 HPCI service launched
Nov. 2013 Ceremony held to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Information Initiative’s foundation
Apr. 2014 A Petabyte-class integrated data science cloud storage service launch